Identify and track
the community responsible for
biological treatment

Environmental Genomics™ advanced molecular diagnostics
applied to wastewater treatment

Environmental Genomics™

Next-Generation Wastewater Monitoring Technology

Aster Bio's Environmental Genomics™ platform complements and expands on microscopic exams and other monitoring technologies. Bacteria are not color-coded or wearing name tags, so it's tough to distinguish between visually similar but genetically different filaments. And, some important bacteria, such as nitrifiers, aren't readily observed by microscope. With the tools of molecular biology, identification is no problem.

Microbial Community Analysis

16S rRNA gene sequencing lets you identify the key microorganisms that influence the operations of your WWTP - including filaments that can be difficult to tell apart under a microscope.

Trend Analysis

qPCR lets you track changes in key populations such as nitrifiers or filaments, giving you timely, vital information required to head off potential problems before they impact effluent quality.

Custom Solutions

While filament ID by microscopic exam is a helpful tool, not all Type 1701 or Type 0803 filaments are the same organism. We work with you to develop analytical tools specific for the challenges that you face.

Awesome Turn-Around

When faced with upset conditions, you need to make operational decisions that can have big financial impacts. You can't hit pause while waiting on a report. We work hard to get you the information you need in a timely fashion.

Simplified Sample Submission

Shipping around small samples in big ice chests is crazy and expensive. With our sampling kits, there's no need for refrigeration. You can submit samples in a padded envelope or small box.

Expert Advice

Experience with wastewater is important in translating lab output into process operations. Aster Bio combines both advanced lab technique with a deep understanding of wastewater treatment units. Our reports contain concise data summaries with actionable items & suggestions.

Better Information = Better Operational Decisions

How Environmental Genomics can help your facility

You can make better decisions when you understand the composition of your biomass. The microbial community can respond quickly to changes in influent composition or operating conditions, and not always in a good way. Concerned about maintaining biological nutrient removal? Are the right microorganisms present?

  • Identify the best MLSS concentration or F/M
  • Optimize aeration and mixing to improve treatment efficiency
  • Detect chronic toxicity before effluent quality changes
  • Reduce the use of polymers and antifoam

For more information, check out this brief overview presentation:

Overview Presentation
DNAo image

How it Works

Operators have a lot of different responsibilities. Getting an advanced degree in microbiology shouldn't be one of them. Our reports focus on the important microorganisms and how they might impact your system. Want all the detailed data, too? Just let us know.

Collect a Sample

Our collection kit keeps things simple. Using the supplied sterile pipet, just transfer 2 milliliters of MLSS to a collection tube, shake to mix, and add a label.

Ship Samples to Lab

Drop the sample in a padded envelope and ship it to us using your preferred next-day delivery service. No ice or ice chest required.

Receive a Detailed Report

For tracking individual strains, reports are typically available in 3 to 5 business days. Microbial Community Analysis reports are available in two weeks or less. In a rush? Contact us to discuss options.

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At Aster Bio, we apply advanced biotechnology to biological wastewater treatment. Complex microbial communities degrade pollutants, leaving clean water for discharge. Aster Bio's advanced molecular diagnostics allow us to evaluate your biomass at a genetic level. Unlike conventional laboratory tests, our Environmental Genomics™ platform allows for tracking and troubleshooting at an accuracy not seen with any other technology. We also use Environmental Genomics™ data to formulate and produce bioaugmentation products that help improve control over biomass composition.

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